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  1. Author: robvdl
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    Date: June 22, 2006, 3:04 a.m.

    Back in 2003, together with a friend, Chris Dewbery, we started creating our own game engine.

    The engine was written in Delphi 7 (which is actually a really good programming language, but it tends to get looked down on by C++ programmers). Anyway, graphics were done in OpenGL. We started writing the editor first, which you can see in the screenshot (see link below). The editor interface and functionality was inspired by the Quake 2 editor, but the engine was 100% our own, and was written from ground up. It's not like some people that claim they can make games, and just use pre-made tools! Our game was programmed ourselves, from ground up.

    The engine contains 10,058 lines of code to be exact, and is spread over 28 source files (you can see them all in tabs in the screenshot!) The code was fairly tidy though, fully Object Oriented (OOP) too. 🙂 Probably the most complex was the maths unit, which contains some pretty heavy vector maths calculations, completely written in FPU (Floating Point Unit) assembler, EEK! 😬 I still remember those days. (I mainly do web stuff now).

    What happened to the project? We both just got too busy, this is really quite sad though. Chris got a job, and web development completely overwhelms me these days. The project has been untouched for 2 years. It was never released. I have enough web development work to do for another year, so it's highly unlikely it will get touched for a long time still.

    Here's a recent screenshot of the editor, with some of the source code in the background! Note I reduced the colours in the pic to keep it small, it actually looks better than that in real life, as it's fully 3D accelerated. More pics available on Chris's site.


  2. Author: Soap Merchant
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    Date: June 22, 2006, 4:59 a.m.

    dude, im impressed.

    did you create those particles from code?

    or do in a 3d modeler programe, like 3dstudiomax?

    i have seen examples of this sorta thing all made from code here


    and make sure to check out 64k demos, holy f*** that much stuff in 64k? its truley remarkable.

    even more amazeing is somewhere on there, their is a demo that is something like 15k!!! incredibley, and its got music, 3d objects and stuff like that.

    Im sure that website will keep you entertained for hours if you have never experienced anything like these. If only something like this existed in NZ, demo parties im refering to and geeky things like that.

    I had some experience with particles in maya 5 and 6 but it was bit over my head im affraid as that app is just way to complexed and deep. But can do some amazeing things with particles.

    I should show you my demo reel i made and produced sometime.

    plus i have a ton of tutorial stuff if you ever wanted to learn maya.


  3. Author: robvdl
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    Date: June 22, 2006, 10:51 a.m.

    No, the particles are all done through code. My mate Chris actually did those particular ones, but I've played with particles myself too. Programming particles is probably quite different to a 3D modeler I suppose. You create what's called a particle 'emitter', which spits particles out at a specific velocity, in a specific direction (a lot of vector calculations come in play here). You then have to simulate artificial gravity, so the particles drop to the ground naturally. You also have to remember how many particles are on the screen (you have to remember each particles X, Y, Z position and the number of particles). If over a certain amount, you delete and fade out the older particles, keeping it within a specific limit, say 1000 particles, so it doesn't slow down too much.

    Yeah the demo scene is really cool. Good to see someone else is interested in it too. I haven't seen or heard of anyone in NZ that is into the demo scene unfortunately. But when I was in sixth form, I actually met an exchange student from Denmark who was in the scene (I was already interested in the scene long before that). Anyways, he was from a group called the 7th Cube Crew, I still keep in contact with him from time to time. They have released some demos too, and I have been a small part of some of these. They use a free 3D modeling program especially for demo making called Moppi Demopaja. Where I came into play is only really the launcher program, I created a program which compresses all the demo files into a single EXE with a simple interface to launch the demo. The first demo that includes my launcher was called "Scene Spirit" and was drawn for third place at the "Ultimate Meeting 2003". Ok, so the demos aren't top of the line here, but it's still pretty cool being part of it and having your name in the readme.

    I agree, 64K demos are pretty impressive, rather than storing texture and music files in the EXE file, they use complex mathematics to generate these on the fly, therefore in a way achieving massive compression ratios if you look at it that way. I would highly recommend looking at a few of the demos done by Farbrauch, a really good demo group.


  4. Author: Soap Merchant
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    Date: June 23, 2006, 5:23 a.m.

    Yeah, farbrauch are good. Ive seen some of their demos.

    Man, i remember seeing some amazeing ones in the old days when i was into C64. Back when it was L33T to make a few pages of code lmao.

    Ofcourse all the best ones came mainly from the european countries such as amsterdam, neitherlands, iceland and so on. I just dont know why things like codeing and playing around with binary inorder to create graphics never became popular here. Maybe its because were a country of farmers and dairy producers.

    Our IT knowledge base may be a bit sucky but our food rocks. Personally im proud to say we have some of the tastiest food products in the world (try australias sometime, ive been their so i speak from experience). Theirs one thing most kiwis i know who goto aus keep saying and thats they wish they could come back and load up on kiwi food to take back to aus. Not to mention vogels lol.

    Did you know they dont sell vogels in AUS? Its not illegal their but no one sells it or so ive been told. Ive been known to smuggle the odd loaf into AUS for a family member hehe. I remember was amuseing that day at airport, border guards mutt (was one of those sniffer dogs - small) was sussing my bag out, and decided that the vogels smelt pretty good lol. It was exposed in the end, but was no problems as vogels was totally legal in AUS. This is how i found out. And as far as i know its a regular occurnace, people smuggling bread over the border LMAO.


  5. Author: Uber_deathworld
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    Date: July 1, 2006, 9:39 p.m.

    Ok so i have no idea on how to code at all.. ok maybe Qbasic lmao if anybody remembers that old Dos App, but Particles i like =D anybody ever used Particle Illusion v3.01a It isn't anything to do with code but you can edit all the Tags etc.. to how you want it eg.. velocity , Size, Weight .. well thers too much to list but its worth playing around with espically if you like adding budget looking FX to your videos :lol:

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  6. Author: Mega Byte
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    Date: July 2, 2006, 10:11 p.m.

    Intristing i make video games lol using game maker (GML) it is fun i have just aobut got enough games for a cd hope to get it in da whare house or sumin lolz catcha pplz

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  7. Author: robvdl
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    Date: July 4, 2006, 5:22 p.m.

    Megabyte, I had a quick look at some GML code samples on the net, to see what it is about. Seems pretty cool, the language is similar to other C or Java style languages in a way, awesome.

    Is it some sort of scripting language? Do you need to install any tool first to run these games, or do they convert (compile) into an EXE file and run directly?

    I had a look at www.gamemaker.nl too, somehow I had actually seen it once before.


  8. Author: IDI
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    Date: Oct. 9, 2006, 6:22 p.m.

    Bring back Avenger i say!



  9. Author: robvdl
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    Date: Oct. 13, 2006, 12:33 a.m.

    Haha, yeah I used to like that game on the MSX, brings back memories. Back in the 80's it was a good game, a little dated now though.

    Hey man, hows it going, haven't heard from you for a while. Should get together for a LAN again some time. 🙂