First Wainuiomata.com project on Github

Posted on March 1, 2024 by: Rob van der Linde
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We've released our first Open Source project under the github.com/wainuiomata space. This project isn't directly related to the site, but it was something fun I was developing on the side and it felt useful to release. It is an experimental admin interface for Samba. The target audience is system administrators.

You can find the source at github.com/wainuiomata/sambal but it is very much a work in progress/experiment at this stage as it's barely 3 days old at the time of writing.


Wainuiomata.com on Github

Posted on February 17, 2024 by: Rob van der Linde
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I've been busy the last few weeks so don't really have any updates for now. But one thing I just wanted to announce is that we've created an space on Github for sharing some of our code in the future.


There isn't anything there yet, but will be in the future, at least we've created the space on Github now.

Make sure to follow us on Github if you're into software development.


Reversing temporary mobile fix

Posted on January 23, 2024 by: Rob van der Linde
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The other week I added a tiny improvement to the current website theme to make it a little more bearable on mobile. This was to set the default zoom level to 1.0, unfortunately it also has had some side-effects with the gallery which means I will be forced to roll it back soon.

It has made viewing photos in the gallery weird on mobile only, unless you zoom out fully first before clicking on the image. However people won't know that and will likely just see the site as "broken" instead, which is no good.

At first I was thinking "what if we just turn off zoom default of 1.0 for the gallery", the problem with that is it will lead to an inconsistent user experience with some pages looking zoomed in and others not. The other problem with it is that blog pages are also affected by this, not just the gallery.

So the best solution is to roll that bit back I think. Rushing the new design through faster isn't going to happen in these heat levels, it's been hard to function at all.


Early articles on wainuiomata.com development

Posted on January 16, 2024 by: Rob van der Linde
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A few weeks ago, Shane showed me a page with early content I wrote for the wainuiomata.com website (then ynui.co.nz) before we recorded our first ever blog post in 2005.

It is all about the early development of the site, and I was thinking while it is on the Internet Archive still, I want to grab it again and turn it into articles, setting the actual date correctly so it shows as the earliest posts.

Right now, our earliest post is Respect 2005 Hiphop Festival from February 16 2005. I remember the event well, and I remember only having a limited amount of photos because the camera battery ran flat and we didn't come prepared with a backup. Remember this was before smartphones, so you couldn't just use your smartphone to take photos so we carried a digital camera around.

So I'll see what I can do to fish some of the early content from the Internet Archive and re-add it to the blog. This was before we even had a blog.





Starting frontend rebuild

Posted on December 18, 2023 by: Rob van der Linde
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Tags: wainuiomata, website, react, design, theme, vite

I went for a brief visit to the Wainuiomata Historical Museum yesterday, it was a short but informative visit. We updated the link to their website as we didn't have the correct one set so we fixed that. I also learned of similar sites and added them to the Links section and sent out a hello.

When adding historical material to the site that isn't our own content we will always source it, and make sure that it is accurate which is important to them. We try to do this anyway, but from our short meeting I got the picture that this was important.

I also started building the frontend so I'm quite excited, first day of development towards the new interface rebuild. I started setting up a NodeJS React build pipeline and fit that into the existing Wagtail site structure with Docker containers.

We are using NodeJS, React, Vite and Typescript. Things can always change rapidly in web development, particularly frontend. But that is the stack at the moment. Hot module reload (HMR) is working beautifully which allows for instant feedback which is awesome. Make a change to a Javascript, Typescript or CSS file and it instantly refreshes but without reloading the page. This brings frontend development to modern times finally, but we have to fit it in with the existing backend rendered pages so this isn't a single page app.

I am still thinking if I should roll some of this out incrementally, like React in the current site first.