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Reversing temporary mobile fix

Posted on January 23, 2024 by: Rob van der Linde
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Tags: wainuiomata, website, gallery, theme, zoom, mobile

The other week I added a tiny improvement to the current website theme to make it a little more bearable on mobile. This was to set the default zoom level to 1.0, unfortunately it also has had some side-effects with the gallery which means I will be forced to roll it back soon.

It has made viewing photos in the gallery weird on mobile only, unless you zoom out fully first before clicking on the image. However people won't know that and will likely just see the site as "broken" instead, which is no good.

At first I was thinking "what if we just turn off zoom default of 1.0 for the gallery", the problem with that is it will lead to an inconsistent user experience with some pages looking zoomed in and others not. The other problem with it is that blog pages are also affected by this, not just the gallery.

So the best solution is to roll that bit back I think. Rushing the new design through faster isn't going to happen in these heat levels, it's been hard to function at all.