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Posted on May 21, 2013 by: Wainuiomata
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A documentary is well under way which chronicles the life and work of former Wainuiomata resident and current Kapiti resident, Betty van Gaalen.

Betty is an inspirational woman and has been an influential figure at all levels of community and local government in the greater Wellington region for over 40 years. Despite retiring in the 1980s she has maintained a presence in political matters wherever she has lived.

Growing up in Bolton England, she learnt how to box to enable her to stand up to local bullies. She was then to get into trouble for hurting them. This fierce determination to make her way in the world and let nothing stop her, was to become her legacy.

Three lengthy interviews with Betty have captured a huge amount of information, and many memories of local and national political personalities.

Nimlin Productions, a Kapiti Coast based film company are working solidly on this project and hope to have it completed by the middle of next year. Anybody who has been associated with Betty over the years can support the project via Pledgeme.