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Early Years Wainui Road

Posted on September 22, 2014 by: Wainuiomata
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Dear Parents.

My name is Emma Williams and I am the Centre Manager for Early Years Wainui Road. We are a small family and community oriented centre located at the base of the Wainuiomata hill in Waiwhetu.

We have had some rare positions become available for infants and children under two years of age.

If you are looking for education and care for your child I would love to talk with you. I can be contacted at the centre Monday-Friday from 7.30am-6pm on (04) 566 4567 or please email me at earlyyears.wainui@kidicorp.co.nz

Thanks kindly,
Emma Williams
Centre Manager
Early Years Wainui Road


Local Documentary

Posted on May 21, 2013 by: Wainuiomata
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A documentary is well under way which chronicles the life and work of former Wainuiomata resident and current Kapiti resident, Betty van Gaalen.

Betty is an inspirational woman and has been an influential figure at all levels of community and local government in the greater Wellington region for over 40 years. Despite retiring in the 1980s she has maintained a presence in political matters wherever she has lived.

Growing up in Bolton England, she learnt how to box to enable her to stand up to local bullies. She was then to get into trouble for hurting them. This fierce determination to make her way in the world and let nothing stop her, was to become her legacy.

Three lengthy interviews with Betty have captured a huge amount of information, and many memories of local and national political personalities.

Nimlin Productions, a Kapiti Coast based film company are working solidly on this project and hope to have it completed by the middle of next year. Anybody who has been associated with Betty over the years can support the project via Pledgeme.





Posted on April 25, 2013 by: Wainuiomata
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(Registered Charity No CC25516)
Affiliated to the Royal Federation of NZ Justices’ of the Peace associations Inc


Would you like to become a Justice of the Peace for the Wainuiomata Community? If you are interested and would like to know more about the requirements to hold office.

Please contact:

The Registrar
Vickie Ferguson


Bro Millionaire

Posted on February 18, 2005 by: Wainuiomata
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Just thought I would let everyone know, that we host Bro Millionaire. This guy is pretty hardout, we have been following him since September. I have been catching up with him and writing the articles on his website. The thing is, this guy is making a lot of money just cruzing around New Zealand asking people for $1.

So far Bro Millionaire has made $83,000. Crazy don't you think. So if you have already heard about him or just interested in following his progress feel free to check out his website.


Cuba Street Carnival

Posted on February 18, 2005 by: Wainuiomata
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On Saturday, the 26th of February Cuba Street Carnival is back, I've been going to this event for the last few years and it's worth going too. There's heaps of people out with floats, bands, dancers, performers, unusual sights and random events! Hundreds of performers and dozens of floats, decorated vehicles and costumed walkers...


Eddy's bar is having a 5th birthday

Posted on February 18, 2005 by: Wainuiomata
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Was down the mall today, and noticed that Eddy's bar is having it's 5th birthday, there's going to be live music and Dj Mikey will be the host.

Prizes and giveaways to be won and I think the Tui girls are going be there, with prizes, so be sure to keep your night free for Saturday, the 26th of February and be a part of the eddy's 5th birthday party.


Rap Battles

Posted on February 17, 2005 by: Wainuiomata
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Okay, just to let you know that there is a rap battle coming up and will be held at the Palliser Hotel down the village on Friday, the 25th of February. Sign ups for battles at 8pm and the entry fee is $5. Remember that this is an R18 Event - which will require Photo ID.


Respect 2005 Hiphop Festival

Posted on February 16, 2005 by: Wainuiomata
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We were apart of the 3000 people that turned up to witness, D-lo squad who perform at the 2005 Repect hiphop festival and what a day it was, the weather was spot on and for myself, being my first time to see D-lo squad in action.

I must say it's awesome to see, people you have grown up with, entertain a crowd as such. I caught up with one of the members, and asked what they thought about having their own website. They are very interested, so in saying that, we have setup hiphop.ynui.co.nz. Its still to be designed, we will work as fast as we can, to get this site on its way.

While we were there, we managed to take a couple of photos, before we realised that the batteries for the camera were on its way out.