Turning off Google Analytics

Posted on January 10, 2024 by: Rob van der Linde
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We've decided to disable Google Analytics, we don't need it. We want to give our users the best experience possible. And the way to do that is no ads and trackers.

The wainuiomata.com website has never been into ads from day one. We will never litter our site with ads on the top, left, right and bottom of each page like some sites do. But we were still using Google Analytics until recently, this is now gone too.

It was a long time ago we setup Google Analytics, we moved from doing server log based analytics to doing it client side. This gives you more information like screen resolution. But I didn't think at the time about tracking, and as the years have progressed we've become more aware of the problem of Google Analytics and tracking so have now disabled it completely.

In reality, we don't really need this information, so have removed Google Analytics completely. Note that we are still using Disqus on the blog for comments, I would love to be able to remove that but we need it still to combat spam commenting. So for now that has to stay.

While on the topic of SPAM, I briefly enabled signups last week to let a friend create an account. But I left it open for a few days and behold, spammers signed up too. So if you managed to create an account in the last few days, don't be surprised it has been deleted. I'm assuming that any account created in that period who isn't someone we know is a spammer.

If you do wish to create an account on the site, just contact us instead. I probably won't be able to turn on registrations again for a while.

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