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  1. Author: Soap Merchant
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    Date: Nov. 1, 2007, 1:15 a.m.

    hey hey, i just got back from the crowded house concert in town and thought i had to post something about this.

    OMG, to all those who couldn't make this you missed the wellington concert of the year.

    But of course bonjovi will blow this away lol.

    Supergroove were amazeing.

    They played all there top hits, scorpio girls, can't get enough etc.

    Oh and the whole band was there includeing chefu.

    I truly hope in some small way the response they got from the everyone there at the wellington concert tonight influences them in some way to get back together.

    Lets just say the crowd went ape, and im sure even a few of the older generation who were there to see crowded house got into it.

    If supergroove did this, one could say lets start the 90's all over again.

    truly one of the great missed 90's nz bands.

    they done a small set of songs of around 40-50 minutes. maybe it was 30, not sure was a blur lol,was to busy geting into the groove haha.

    Anyway, a little about crowded house which also were amazeing.

    Well to start with they played not to many of there recent hits.

    The lighting was amazeing and well setup for the events center.
    They had this amazeing large yellow light thing with paterns that sweep over the crowd during certain songs, never seen anything like it. Mind blowing.

    All you see was this yellow sea of human heads lol.

    sorta for the middle part of the concert they played alot of there very early hits.

    Things ive never heard of lol, im not 30 yet hehe.

    quite a few of the early songs as i understand were from some of there first albums.

    there is one memorable song i must mention for crowded house. I think they played dont dream its over omg it was like someone flicked a switch and everyone starting singing in harmony (includeing myself lol) and i think i almost cryed :).

    I know thats an emotional song, but fecken heck, i had no idea in concert it was so extreme.

    I have to say that this song as well as many others were ALOT better than on the album the way they sung and played tonight.

    and then after dont dream its over i think they played a few more ive never heard of then they played about 4-5 of there biggest songs in a row and the concert was over.

    But everyone, you know how you see these concerts from the 80's with people all singing in harmony and people all just really feeling the music, well tonight i experienced something like this.

    Seeing supergroove was great, but seeing crowded house live was something from another planet lol.

    The only thing missing were the beach balls and the glow sticks lol.

    There was even a few mexican waves lol.

    Oh yeah, and like all good concerts, there was some crazy fan who got up on stage and started trying to get people to clap lol.

    I seriously hope they had someone filming this concert and they bring a dvd of it out, my moneys on it straight away.

    I also heard the auckland concert was really good aswell.

    But wellington just made them feel welcome.

    I think if the fin brothers want to keep playing they will be back to wellington, and so will i :-)

    there was no bad vibes tonight.

    And the last thing i will say is that proberly close to half the crowd was young dudes and chicks in there 20's so this is really encourageing as it shows still alot of kiwis in that age group still support the truly great nz artists. And who know what good will come from these concerts.

    Seriously if you get another chance to see crowded house (which may or may not happen as there getting on now), go.


  2. Author: Soap Merchant
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    Date: Nov. 1, 2007, 1:43 a.m.

    Oh, btw for the history of this thread, as this thread is somewhat historic as crowded house may never play again after these concerts this concert was dated 31st of october 2007.

    The doors opened at 6:30pm

    Pluto who were the opening act started at 7:30

    Supergroove came on around 8:15 till 8:55 (so thats 40 mins)

    then crowded house kicked off at 9:15 and ran right through till 11:30 cause i remember looking at my watch.

    so all in all thats proberly 3-4 and something hours of pure NZ music.

    All people, post you concert experiences here with supergroove or crowded house k.

    I'll be interested to see what you all have to say.

    And anyone who went to the auckland concert or is going to the christchurch would be cool if you could post your experiences here as well.

    thanks, and i'll check back from time to time.

    long live real NZ music.