Does anyone know how to laugh anymore?

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  1. Author: ☼│oooOMagnum233Oooo│☼
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    Date: Feb. 27, 2019, 6:55 p.m.

    Lately it seems there's long faces everywhere and no one has a sense of humor anymore. Is that the future of mankind where people are not aloud to joke around anymore and everyone must conform to what is politically correct?

    I seem to be getting this more and more, no one cares having a laugh anymore. Why? Circumstance? Environmental worries? During WW2 one of the things that keeped the British people strong was their sense of humor, where has this gone in NZ? When a man or woman reaches the age of 40 are they not allowed to make jokes anymore? Is there some unwritten rule?

    I needed a place to outlet and this was it. Maybe it'll encourage others to lose the long faces, because after all is life not but one big merrygo round?

    its beyound the horizion, just outta reach yet ever so near, how can that be!