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  1. Author: robvdl
    User type: Administrator
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    Date: Jan. 30, 2007, 2:30 p.m.

    Beryl is a new 3D desktop for Linux that runs on OpenGL. Unlike Windows Vista's 3D desktop however, Beryl can run on much lower hardware requirements, and has some pretty cool effects.

    Beryl is still in the developmental stages, although it's starting to get better and better by the day. I've been running Beryl for a few months now, and have closely watched it's progress. I believe Beryl is going to be the future of Linux.

    I have taken some video captures of Beryl in action on my machine, and uploaded them to YouTube, so everyone can see what Beryl is like. In the videos, I was experimenting with an ultra-widescreen wallpaper, spread accross the multiple desktops that Linux supports.

    The first video shows some of the effects in Beryl, at this stage I was using the default 4 desktops. In the second video, I attempt to span an ultra-widescreen panorama across 6 desktops.