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  1. Author: robvdl
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    Date: June 22, 2006, 9:51 p.m.

    DJ GT, or Generation Trance has to be on of my favourite Trance DJ's :-). and the good thing is, that you can download all his mix albums on his website for free. And it's 100% legal too!

    Most of his latest mixes are 3 or 4 CD's long! He mixes to specific themes, e.g. his latest mix is called "DJ GT vs Project C - Voices of Winter 2005" and contains:

    • CD1 - Sorrow
    • CD2 - Eternity
    • CD3 - Timeless
    • CD4 - Jan vs Justine (I love Jan Johnston :-))

    The CD's come in large single MP3's, one per CD, but also come with a matching CUE sheet file, which if you use Nero Burning ROM to burn them to CD, will add the correct track offsets. The MP3 files are good quality too, 256Kbps. Remember these are completely free to download, they are NOT illegal.

    Anyway, his website is: www.generationtrance.com, his latest stuff is under "mixes", then "DJ GT vs Project C". Follow the instructions on his site to download.

    You may need WinRAR, as they often come as compressed RAR files. You need to register in his forums to be able to download his music.

    I'd like to stress once again, that I am not implying or recommending in ANY way to download illegal music of any sort. These albums are provided for free by the original artist as is, I am simply recommending him for you to check out.

    If you like his stuff, you can even donate the artist.