Orcon all good. (post all adsl2+ stuff here and anything related)

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  1. Author: Soap Merchant
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    Date: May 15, 2008, 3:25 a.m.

    Well as of sometime yesterday or the day before the international traffic issue on orcons network has been fixed.

    have a look at their home page and goto system status.

    you will notice its no longer there.

    This is just an update to the adsl2+ thread for the posting i put in there.

    perhaps this could become a new adsl2+ thread as it develops in nz.

    As far as im aware people were geting kicked from blizzard servers no-matter which game and that goes for WOW too.

    anyone wanna fill me in on this thanks?

    did you get kicked as well?

    not me but my mate was haveing problems with diablo2 as hes a new orcon customer, apparently mainly affected new orcon customers.

    Also is anyone who lives around wellington currently geting over 20mbps on adsl/adsl2+?

    please tell as i am. maybe im just a special case hehe.

    I do know that telecom's got its own schedule for unbundling cause ive seen an official schedule sometime last year on the net but would have to search for it again.

    Im pretty sure some of those sites in the list included areas around wellington and lowerhutt.

    will check for postings in a few days.

    interested to hear some goss.