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  1. Author: Nate Dogg - DJ Nate
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    Date: July 19, 2006, 8:41 p.m.

    Hailing from Arakura, Wainuiomata, DJ Nate aka. Nate Russell (Ngati Kahungunu) multi talented skilled. He is fully into his kaupapa maori.

    Nate has been involved in many fields within Maori Art & Maori Music. He loves Wainuiomata as a big heart of home for him as just about everyone here knows him, he says "Chur! Wainuiomata, the place I love to be at aye! It's where the pukana smiles at! Everywhere you go there will be a pukana smile, I love it! I know alot of people here, I go down town sometime and I hear alot of people calling out my name and saying they listen to my show then they would call out my favorite quote... Mauri Ora!"

    His nickname, everyone calls him "Pit" "PitBull and "Big Fullah" His music skills have been working alongside with Aaron Davey from DoughBoy Records & Neil Cruikshank from Maori Music.com & Tangata Records aswell as MC ChoirBoy aka. John Hickson.

    Nate & John have been friends since the young age, Nate says "I took John into the Studio for his 1st recording with Aaron Davey at DoughBoy Records on his 1st big hit "Inside Of Me" which is on the Album "Gifted & Maori Volume 2" and now in the outlets store and we then welcome John onboard with us at DoughBoy Records, Inside of me is a primo song that I've heard written in a while, the song is based on the Hikoi for the Seabed/Forshore"

    Nate also has a very contemporary styles of music which involves alot of Hiphop, RnB & Reggae, Old Skool & Gospel, & he does his beat making and now he's here with us at "Tha Rage FM" where he's coaching the Youth on DJ'ing, passing on his skills so they can use it as a good choice.

    He says "I find that having the younger DJ's here with us at Tha Rage FM is pretty rhythmic aye, really versatile and listened intently to each other. I'd like to see some more rangatahi, the youth of Wainuiomata joining the team as we could even trade and learn something from them, and then expand a wide variety, it could
    even be a new culture for themselves!"

    Nate run's a couple of shows as here are the details...

    Show Name: " Dawn Rydaz "
    Time: 9:30pm - 12:30am
    When: Every Friday
    The Theme: RnB & Hiphop
    Requestlines: Txt to 027.235.7897

    Show Name: " The Lazy Sunday Show "
    Time: 8pm - Midnight
    When: Every Sunday
    The Theme: RnB, Soul, Reggae, Old Skool, Slow Jam, Gospel & Te Reo Maori

    Every Friday evening he will run a show called " Dawn Rydaz "
    This show he basically plays anything aswell as your request, sometimes he will have some specials as Pre-Live Show & Special Guest so if you want a request, txt him on the above number anytime, not just on the show night but anytime so he will have your songs ready in his list to play on his show night.

    Every Sunday evening he will run a show called "The Lazy Sunday Show"
    The theme of this show is we all know Sunday is a day to relax, chill out before we are all at work and school the following day so he will play a range of music for you all to relax to.

    Not often someone would come into a station like this and play Te Reo Maori music, He says "I like to bring this theme of Te Reo to Wainuiomata because there are alot of the Maori's, Pacific Islanders that love to hear it, even the Pakeha's so why not share it? I have my Wainuiomata whanau listening to my show on my nights and I have a big support behind me"

    Nate has a range of interest skills from Ta Moko (Maori Tattooing), Whakario (Maori Carving) & Taonga Puoro (Maori Instruments) to Music, Martial Arts & Computers.

    He has been working with the youth at the Tamaiti Whangai Holiday Programmes, Child Youth & Family, Ngati Kahungunu Ki Poneke (Iwi Social Services of Wellington)
    & Te Kura Kaupapa O Maori (Maori Schools) - He used to teach Martial Arts via FreeStyle Fighting, CQB (Close Quarters Battle), Muay Thai & Weapon Fighting and now just teaching his friends and whanau.

    In his spare time he loves to spend time with his whanau, the kids on the Xbox/Online gaming, spending his time with them at their sports in the weekend. He is one big family man otherwise he would be home doing beat making (Backing tracks for MC's) and Carving.