Firefox 1.5 users advised to upgrade to Firefox 2.0

Posted on July 6, 2007 by: Rob van der Linde
Filed under: Announcements

After cleaning a lot of clients PC's from Spyware over the years, we have guided a lot of people in using Firefox, as a safer, alternative web browser, to help keep new Spyware from reinstalling after removal.

In the past, we have setup Firefox 1.5 on a lot of people's PC's (which was the latest version at that time). The reason I am mentioning this now, is because Firefox 1.5 has reached it's end-of-service life, 6 months after Firefox 2.0's release, and Mozilla will not be releasing any more security updates for that version. Clients are advised to download the latest version of Firefox, uninstall the older Firefox 1.5, and install the newer version.

To check out what version of Firefox you are running, click the Help menu, then click About Mozilla Firefox. The version number is just underneath the Firefox name.

Fore those readers that are not familiar with Firefox yet, Firefox is a free (as in Open Source free), easy-to-use alternative web browser that makes it much safer end enjoyable to browse the web. When you use Firefox, you don't have to constantly worry about the possibility of getting infected with Spyware. However, installing Firefox alone will only prevent most new Spyware from automatically installing. It is advised to clean out Spyware infested PC's first (we can do this for you if you want), then start using Firefox from then on to prevent future infections, and start enjoying a much better, safer browsing experience. For help on how you can combat the Spyware problem, come and talk to us.

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