Gallery Update

Posted on March 19, 2005 by: Rob van der Linde
Filed under: Announcements

Hey guys, just letting you know what's going be coming up to the site in the next few days... I have been working on a Photo Gallery for the last few weeks now and I am getting close to completing it.I have put a lot of effort into writing this Gallery and can't wait to unlock it soon. There's a lot of stuff in the upcoming Gallery, wait and see when it's done in the next few days.

We have some photos of the Respect 2005 gig, Rap Battles at the Palliser Hotel, General photos around Ynui and more... And off course this Gallery is sure to grow in the future.

So be sure to check the site in the next few days...

Update: The Gallery is finally done. Go and check it out if you like. We hope to add more photos soon.

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