Mozilla Firefox: Faster, Safer, Better

Posted on April 28, 2006 by: Rob van der Linde
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Mozilla Firefox is a free, alternative web browser to Internet Explorer. It has been around for a while now, and has gained a lot of popularity lately. "Faster, Safer, Better" is Firefox's new tagline, and it definitely lives up to that name. Ynui Technology highly recommends users should at least try out Firefox, we know you'll love it. :-)

Why should I switch from Internet Explorer, and why Firefox?

There are many reasons to switch to Firefox, but the number one reason is spyware. You may or may not have heard of spyware, but this is the number one problem on the internet today. To put it short, spyware is advertising software that installs on your computer without your knowledge and bombards you with popup advertisements.

Internet Explorer has a history of security flaws that often allowed spyware to install automatically on a users computer without their knowledge. This makes the infected system run very slow, crash a lot, and constantly generate popup advertisements.

Firefox offers the following features:

  • Tabbed browsing (Most people find this a very useful feature)
  • Built in popup blocker
  • Built in google search
  • Much faster than IE
  • Supports extensions (Install extensions into Firefox to enhance it's functionality)
  • Better standards support (The Ynui site actually works better in Firefox than IE)
  • Improved security against spyware and viruses

Why not give Firefox a go. You've got nothing to lose, Internet Explorer remains on your system, so you can go back any time. However you may not even want to go back, after you have tried it.


Note: Firefox will prevent new spyware from installing on your system, however if your system is already infected with spyware, this will need to be cleaned out as well. We can help you remove the spyware from your computer.

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