Positive day

Posted on September 25, 2014 by: Shane Maru
Filed under: Opinion

Today was awesome met some very down to earth people, thanks for all your support.

Love waking up everyday looking forward to the lessons to learn?

New relationships, and rekindling of old relationships, nothing bets working on old relationships gone sour?

The feeling to admit faults and apologising for broken promises and the positive receptions received?

I wished I faced my demons earlier?

Being positive and respecting others?

Been seeing so much support everywhere? everyone always has something positive to offer everyone?

Find it easy to hear and see the negative of others is effortless (gossip) but sourcing the positives are worth the efforts?

Thanks for all the positive support to all those I have been catching up with?

Looking forward to catching up with as many people as plausably possible?

Want to source all the positives?

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