Rap Battles At The Palliser Hotel

Posted on February 27, 2005 by: Shane Maru
Filed under: Events

There was good support for Ynui Hip-Hop on Friday night, from our own rappers - D-lo squad and Infamouz who pulled off a good performance. A lot of energy goes into producing tracks and it shows when you get up on stage and perform in front of a crowd of people.

MC Rocka hosted the night, Chozin Few from Porirua started the night off, Infamouz second then D-lo squad to finish the group performance, Rocka jumped up to show his beatbox talent.

The night ended with the rap battles, with special guest judge Usouljah choosing Lyrics from D-lo squad as best battler. DJ Crome was the heart beat of the night, who has been D-lo squad DJ since the start, but that was his last night, now that he's making the move to Aussie.

Good work for D-lo squad with organising the event, this gave people a reason to get together and enjoy what they are there for, to show what hip-hop is all about.

We want to get together with D-lo squad and Infamouz and help them setup their own websites, this will happen in the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check back.

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