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Boost Mobile MC Battle for Supremacy 2005

Posted on March 3, 2005 by: Shane Maru
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This year, for the first time ever, the Boost Mobile MC Battle for Supremacy goes global. The national title winner will get to represent NZ in the Commonwealth battle in London later this year.


Friday 25th February - Christchurch @ Home
Friday 4th March - Auckland @ 420
Thursday 17th March - Dunedin @ Refuel
Saturday 26th March - Wellington @ Indigo


Saturday 9th April - Auckland @ Galatos

Sixteen MC's will take the stage to battle an opponent for one minute before the judges select who will progress to the next round. In true knockout style, the MC left standing at the end of the night is the champion.

The venue for Wellington will be held at Indigo bar on Saturday the 26th of March.

We have our own representing Ynui from the D-lo squad - "Lyrix", so if your interested, be there to support Ynui Hiphop.


Rap Battles At The Palliser Hotel

Posted on February 27, 2005 by: Shane Maru
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There was good support for Ynui Hip-Hop on Friday night, from our own rappers - D-lo squad and Infamouz who pulled off a good performance. A lot of energy goes into producing tracks and it shows when you get up on stage and perform in front of a crowd of people.

MC Rocka hosted the night, Chozin Few from Porirua started the night off, Infamouz second then D-lo squad to finish the group performance, Rocka jumped up to show his beatbox talent.

The night ended with the rap battles, with special guest judge Usouljah choosing Lyrics from D-lo squad as best battler. DJ Crome was the heart beat of the night, who has been D-lo squad DJ since the start, but that was his last night, now that he's making the move to Aussie.

Good work for D-lo squad with organising the event, this gave people a reason to get together and enjoy what they are there for, to show what hip-hop is all about.

We want to get together with D-lo squad and Infamouz and help them setup their own websites, this will happen in the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check back.


Edge Fest 05

Posted on February 22, 2005 by: Shane Maru
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Edge fest 05 is happening on Friday, the 18th of March, tickets are $39 and available from Sounds Music Stores and Ticketek, for more information be sure to check out EDGEFEST05.


Cuba Street Carnival

Posted on February 18, 2005 by: Wainuiomata
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On Saturday, the 26th of February Cuba Street Carnival is back, I've been going to this event for the last few years and it's worth going too. There's heaps of people out with floats, bands, dancers, performers, unusual sights and random events! Hundreds of performers and dozens of floats, decorated vehicles and costumed walkers...


Eddy's bar is having a 5th birthday

Posted on February 18, 2005 by: Wainuiomata
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Was down the mall today, and noticed that Eddy's bar is having it's 5th birthday, there's going to be live music and Dj Mikey will be the host.

Prizes and giveaways to be won and I think the Tui girls are going be there, with prizes, so be sure to keep your night free for Saturday, the 26th of February and be a part of the eddy's 5th birthday party.


Rap Battles

Posted on February 17, 2005 by: Wainuiomata
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Okay, just to let you know that there is a rap battle coming up and will be held at the Palliser Hotel down the village on Friday, the 25th of February. Sign ups for battles at 8pm and the entry fee is $5. Remember that this is an R18 Event - which will require Photo ID.


Respect 2005 Hiphop Festival

Posted on February 16, 2005 by: Wainuiomata
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We were apart of the 3000 people that turned up to witness, D-lo squad who perform at the 2005 Repect hiphop festival and what a day it was, the weather was spot on and for myself, being my first time to see D-lo squad in action.

I must say it's awesome to see, people you have grown up with, entertain a crowd as such. I caught up with one of the members, and asked what they thought about having their own website. They are very interested, so in saying that, we have setup hiphop.ynui.co.nz. Its still to be designed, we will work as fast as we can, to get this site on its way.

While we were there, we managed to take a couple of photos, before we realised that the batteries for the camera were on its way out.